Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving guests earn their wings and experience bodily flight during a simulated skydive in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The experience is similar to sky diving, using a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls. Guests can simulate skydiving without a plane or parachute. They use a vertical wind tunnel to introduce guests to indoor skydiving. The tunnel produces enough wind to support the weight of an average adult. In Vegas Indoor Skydiving, each pilot attends a short training session, dons all the necessary flight equipment, then jumps into a tunnel and flies. The whole experience takes about an hour. Vegas Indoor Skydiving offers a truly unique experience. Don’t forget to check out this place in Las Vegas too.

Here, visitors can experience like real skydiving without a plane or parachute. Qualified instructors take participants into a vertical wind tunnel where they don special equipment. When the fan is turned on, anyone can effortlessly float in the air. No experience is necessary. It’s the perfect thing for a group or family; regardless of your age or fitness, you’ll be flying high in no time. Experience the thrill of skydiving with or without a parachute as the 1,000 horsepower motor keeps you aloft in America’s original indoor skydive. The propeller starts to flow and the air starts to flow. You float, you fly, you free fall through the air with wind speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. No other Las Vegas attraction offers you the chance to defy gravity! If you share our love for the extreme sport of indoor skydiving, crave adrenaline-pumping Las Vegas activities, or just want to try something epic on your Vegas vacation, test your limits with this exciting simulated skydive. Try it more than once and reach new heights every time. Don’t forget to check out this place in Las Vegas too.

Experience body flight in a vertical wind tunnel and experience the real thing. It’s like skydiving from 14,000 feet, but you don’t have to jump out of a plane! Indoor skydiving in Las Vegas is the best thrill you’ll find on the Strip. Experience human flight for a full 2 ​​minutes. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, this wind tunnel simulates free fall. It’s the same feeling you get after jumping out of a plane traveling at 120 MPH. Indoor skydiving allows you to do tricks that would take months to learn with normal skydiving. Your experience includes: A short training session, use of all necessary equipment (suit, earplugs, goggles and helmet), 2 full minutes in the wind tunnel. Indoor skydiving is the most fun and safe way to enjoy your Las Vegas trip. Great for all ages and no experience necessary, you can experience human flight right from the start. If you are in need of a home repair and renovation, click here.

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